Today we thought about the Hindu value of being good. We completed a conscience alley activity to debate whether Jamel should be influenced by his friends to do the wrong thing. We thought about the consequences of doing the wrong thing and who would be upset with us if we weren’t good.


Raging Rivers

Our new topic is called Raging Rivers and as part of this topic we had the opportunity to measure the depth and width of a river. We visited the Porter Brook which flows into the River Sheaf and we used tape measures and metre sticks to help us to take accurate measurements. We worked incredibly well as a team to take these measurements. We also spotted features of rivers such as waterfalls and confluences. It was a great day! 

Keeping safe in the community

Today we had a very important assembly about keeping safe in the community. We learnt that playing in the park is much safer than playing on construction sites as there are many hidden dangers on construction sites. The scaffolding, hidden holes and tools on a building site make them very dangerous place! Remember to always play safely Allstars! 

Super Spellers

Today we started our new unit in spelling which is all about -ible words. We learnt that there is normally an unrecognisable word before the suffix -ible such as in the word horrible. Take a look at our ible learning. We had to match the word to the most appropriate definition. 

Can you think of anymore ible words? 

Magna Visit

Today we visited the Magna Centre to help us to observe forces in action. We spent sometime identifying the different forces that could be found inside Magna. We spotted lots of examples of push and pull forces and we also identified water resistance acting on a boat in the water area of Magna. We then took part in a forces workshop. We thought about the forces acting on a hot air balloon and we were then challenged to design and create our own hot air balloon. Can you tell an adult at home the two main forces that act on a hot air balloon?


Air Resistance

Today we have been learning all about the force of air resistance. We were faced with the challenge of designing a parachute to save an egg from breaking that was going to be dropped from a height. We thought carefully about how we could use our parachute to increase air resistance that would then slow the egg down. It was great fun working collaboratively! Can you explain to an adult at home how a parachute works?